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ALCS Clinching Linkaliciousness

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Some links to various items around the interwebs, in the aftermath of yesterday's clinching Game 6...

Joel Sherman has an interesting piece in the New York Post about torch-passing.  Sherman points out that, in the 1996 playoffs, the Yankees, with a rookie shortstop named Derek Jeter, beat the Orioles, who had an aging and past-his-prime Cal Ripken, Jr., at short.  Now, says Sherman, Elvis Andrus is playing the role of Jeter, the young, dynamic shortstop debuting in the playoffs, and providing a contrast with the once-great Jeter, whose time has passed.

Ian O'Connor says the Yankees showed a lack of heart and resolve while being steamrolled by the Rangers.

Rob Neyer has a postscript on the series.

Christina Kahrl offers her take on the end of the ALCS.

FanGraphs did a live chat of the game yesterday, and you can read the transcript here.

Andrew Marchand at ESPN New York says the Yankees' season was a failure.

T.R. Sullivan writes about Rangers third base coach Dave Anderson returning to the World Series 22 years after he was on the World Series winning 1988 Dodgers, where he had a key role as a decoy before Kirk Gibson's game-winning homer.

David Pinto is a fan of Jon Daniels. has a piece on the greatness of Josh Hamilton.