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Sunday morning Rangers things

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Jeff Wilson has a piece in the S-T today that has Ron Washington talking about this season, this team, and how he sees himself as a manager.

Evan Grant writes that the Rangers and the Giants are in the World Series right now in part because the general manager of each team was aggressive in making moves this summer to get his team over the top.

Wilson writes that the Ranger organization wants this team to continue to build on this success and have repeat playoff appearances.

Anthony Andro writes that the Rangers are undecided on who their #4 starter will be in the World Series.  Tommy Hunter has not been sharp in his two playoff starts, while Derek Holland, after a rough beginning, has been terrific pitching out of the bullpen. 

With the #4 starter only to be used once, and the success Holland has had out of the bullpen, it may be that Holland would be more valuable in the World Series used as a multi-inning reliever, the way David Price was used by the Rays in 2008. 

There is no question about who the Rangers' #1 starter will be, of course, and Andro writes that Cliff Lee is focusing now on preparing for the World Series and facing his old teamthe team that knocked off his old team.

Lee's acquisition was the move that changed the Rangers from a nice team that would be an underdog in any playoff series to a team with a legit ace that could do damage in the playoffs.  The DMN has a piece that examines what was going on behind the scenes in the 24 hours leading up to the Lee trade, when the Rangers went from trailing the Yankees in the effort to land him to acquiring their ace.

Peter Gammons has a column for looking at how Jon Daniels and his staff have been able to bury years of bad history and build a World Series team.

T.R. Sullivan sets out 10 reasons why the Rangers have made the World Series for the first time in their history.

Tim Madigan, in the S-T, has a story about Eric Nadel, who after 31 years of doing Rangers games is finally getting to call their World Series games.

Jean-Jacques Taylor says the Rangers are playing the game the right way.

Richard Justice writes that the Rangers are being rewarded for their patience and sticking with the plan.