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Monday night linkaliciousness

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One of the neat things about being in the World Series is that lots of people talk about your team.

At ESPN Dallas, Richard Durrett has a story up that recounts how Ron Washington ended up being hired as the Rangers' manager.

Over at Hardball Times, Chris Jaffe has a piece about the oldest first-time World Series managers, with Ron Washington being the 8th-oldest ever.

Dayn Perry goes over the Rangers and Giants unit by unit, and ultimately picks the Rangers in seven.

Ian Casselberry looks at what the five best in-season moves of Jon Daniels and Brian Sabean were this year.

The Giants -- and in particular, the Giants' pitchers --love Bengie Molina.

Tracy Ringolsby writes that the g.m.s deserve credit for moves made during the year to help get their teams to the World Series.

Yankees pitching coach Dave Eiland has been fired, and Brian Cashman is being all mysterious about it, although he says it has nothing to do with the Yankee pitchers struggling in the ALCS.  I was going to say something snarky about how it is obviously Eiland's fault that A.J. Burnett has been terrible...but then I read the article, and the author sort of suggests that it is.

Jeff Sullivan has a hard-hitting World Series Preview up.

Ken Rosenthal says everyone who says they are tired of the Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies and Mets always being on TV have gotten their wish, with two entertaining non-marquee teams making it to the World Series.

Over at BP, Jeff Euston has a piece up looking at the arbitration-eligible players in the A.L. West, and the amount that they are likely to get in arbitration. 

The Sabernomics blog points out that the idea that the Giants versus the Rangers is a World Series between "small markets" is a misnomer.