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Wednesday a.m. Rangers things

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And so here we are.  Tonight, the Rangers play their first World Series game.  I've been waiting, oh, 35 years or so for this. 

Jeff Wilson writes that, while the Rangers have gone from relative anonymity to a national story in the span of about three weeks, the players know that there is still one more round to go, four more games to win before they will continue this season a success.

Evan Grant writes that Jon Daniels goes about his business as g.m. the old-fashioned way, with an emphasis on scouting.

T.R. Sullivan has a story about Daniels' management style within the front office, and his efforts to keep things loose and relaxed amongst those who work for the team.

Grant also takes a look at the various ways that each of the Rangers' players have been acquired.

The S-T's notes say that while Jorge Cantu's roster spot is safe, the Rangers may make a change in the bullpen, with Mark Lowe and/or Dustin Nippert potentially joining the bullpen.

Richard Durrett runs down his things to look for in Game 1 tonight.

Anthony Andro says that Nelson Cruz has been the Rangers' "Mr. Clutch" this season.

Ray Buck has a piece about Cliff Lee, and this blurb caught my eye:

Lee enjoys Texas, appreciates the close proximity, even calls Josh Hamilton "the best baseball player I've ever played with" -- and Cliff played with Ryan Howard in Philadelphia.


Come on, now...Ryan Howard?  Ryan Howard isn't even close to being the best player on the Phillies.  You at least could have invoked Chase Utley.

Gil Lebreton writes that Rangers fans, not Giants fans, are the more "tortured" fan base.

Tim Cowlishaw has a column the Rangers/Giants World Series matchup.

Barry Horn says that, if the naysayers are right and baseball fans don't tune into the Rangers/Giants World Series, then it is their loss.

The S-T has a column from an individual who claims to be a "long suffering Rangers fan," but who is rooting for the Giants against the Rangers because Cody Ross is his stepmother's nephew.  I'm sorry, but if you were really a Rangers fan, you wouldn't switch allegiances that easily, and I don't think we should let this guy back on the Rangers bandwagon when the World Series is over.