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Sunday morning Rangers stuff

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The Rangers get to 90 wins, the third best win total in team history.  We still don't know who the Rangers will be playing on Wednesday, though...if Tampa wins, or New York loses, the Rangers play Tampa.  Otherwise, it will be New York.

Lots of links today, on the last day of the regular season.

Anthony Andro's game story talks about Josh Hamilton alleviating concerns about his health.

Todd Wills' game story hits on C.J. Wilson and Neftali Feliz's performance, with Feliz getting his 40th save, the youngest player in MLB history to hit that mark.

T.R. Sullivan talks about Josh Hamilton and his return.  Sullivan's notes mention that David Murphy is feeling better, but won't try running until Tuesday.

Jeff Wilson says that auditions for the Rangers' playoff bullpen is continuing, with only four pitchers having spots locked up, although Wilson says a fifth, Dustin Nippert, will almost certainly be on the playoff roster.

Evan Grant takes a look at how the Rangers won the West, despite a myriad of problems and issues throughout the season.

Ray Buck says the Rangers have a chance to reverse their bad playoff history.

Randy Galloway has a column on how the Rangers getting to the playoffs, although he can't help but take shots at the "geeks" in the front office who let Pudge Rodriguez leave and who didn't think C.J. Wilson should be in the rotation.  You get the feeling Galloway still thinks the Rangers would be better off if Nolan would "clean house," as he was urging Nolan to do from the outset. 

Evan Grant hands out his awards for the Rangers this season.

Tim Cowlishaw says Josh Hamilton should be the A.L. MVP.  Of course, he also says Felix Hernandez should not win the Cy Young Award, because he only won 13 games and the M's were bad.  Apparently, Cowlishaw believes you can't be the best pitcher in the league if your team was bad.

The S-T offers the 10 defining moments of the 2010 season.