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Rangers playoff roster not set; 31 going to Tampa

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Per T.R. Sullivan, the Rangers are still weighing the decision as to who will be on the playoff roster, but have made some decisions as to who won't be.

The season is over for Doug Mathis, Rich Harden, Pedro Strop, and Cristian Guzman, who are all going home.

Matt Harrison and Mark Lowe will not be on the ALDS roster, but are going to Arizona to get some work in, and could be candidates for later rounds.

Frank Francisco is going to Tampa, but apparently won't be healthy enough to be on the roster.

That leaves 30 players for 25 slots. 

The following players are givens:

Matt Treanor

Bengie Molina

Jorge Cantu

Ian Kinsler

Elvis Andrus

Michael Young

Andres Blanco

Josh Hamilton

Julio Borbon

Nelson Cruz

Vladimir Guerrero

Cliff Lee

C.J. Wilson

Colby Lewis

Tommy Hunter

Neftali Feliz

Darren O'Day

Alexi Ogando

Darren Oliver


That leaves six spots that are open, and eleven players as options.  The positional players:

Jeff Francoeur

Mitch Moreland

Esteban German

Chris Davis

David Murphy

Taylor Teagarden

Francoeur and Moreland are almost certainly in.  David Murphy is in if he is healthy.  With Texas apparently committed to taking 11 pitchers, that would mean that Davis, German, and Teagarden are on the outside looking in, although it is possible Davis could make the squad instead of Moreland.  If Murphy isn't healthy, then I would guess German makes it, although Davis could replace Murphy, instead.

The pitchers that are still in the mix:

Dustin Nippert

Michael Kirkman

Clay Rapada

Derek Holland

Scott Feldman

Reports have seem to suggest that Nippert is a given, because of his ability to pitch multiple innings.  I suspect one spot is down to Nippert v. Feldman, with the other two spots being among the three lefties.

At this point, I'd guess it will be Nippert, Rapada and Holland who end up rounding out the playoff bullpen.  But we likely won't know for sure until Tuesday night.