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Wednesday morning Rangers things

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Its playoffs time!

The Rangers have set their ALDS roster, going with a 6 man bullpen -- Dustin Nippert and Derek Holland being the last guys to make the cut -- and adding Esteban German to the bench.  David Murphy is on the roster, although it sounds like he'll be limited to pinch hitting duties the first two games.

Tampa has set their roster as well, and among the more interesting cuts are Jake McGee and Jeremy Hellickson.

The Rangers lineup today is:

Elvis Andrus

Michael Young

Josh Hamilton

Vladimir Guerrero

Nelson Cruz

Ian Kinsler

Jeff Francoeur

Jorge Cantu

Bengie Molina

Cliff Lee, of course, is on the mound.

Rays are going:

Jason Bartlett

B.J. Upton

Carl Crawford

Evan Longoria

Carlos Pena

Rocco Baldelli

Ben Zobrist

Kelly Shoppach

Sean Rodriguez

With David Price pitching.

Evan Grant breaks down what the Rangers need to do to get past Tampa in round 1.

Jeff Wilson has a piece on the importance of Cliff Lee to the Rangers.

Wilson also writes about Michael Young finally making the playoffs.

Richard Durrett has a story on Ron Washington making his playoff managerial debut.

T.R. Sullivan writes that Young and Guerrero set the tone and provide the leadership for this Rangers team. has a story on Josh Hamilton coming full circle this postseason.

Anthony Andro's notes hit on David Murphy's status, Neftali Feliz as a rookie closer in the playoffs, and Josh Hamilton coming back to play against his original club.

Gil Lebreton has a column looking at how the Rangers, in contrast to their old playoff teams, have built a team that got them to the postseason on the strength of their pitching.

Jean-Jacques Taylor says that Rangers fans expect to lose this series because of the team's history.