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Thursday a.m. Rangers stuff

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And like that, the Rangers have doubled the team's all-time playoff win total, posted their second-highest single game run total in the team's playoff history, and watched Cliff Lee have the best pitching performance in the team's playoff history.

And now the Rangers have C.J. Wilson going up against James Shields in game 2, with a chance to go up 2-0 on the road before coming home to Arlington for game 3.

Jeff Wilson's game story talks about the turning point of the game, the bases-loaded 2-1 foul ball call on a pitch up and in to Carlos Pena.  If Pena is ruled to have been hit, suddenly the Rangers are down 1 in the first inning, after having failed to capitalize on their own rally, with the bases still loaded and only one out.  Instead, Lee was able to escape the first inning jam, and didn't really have any trouble after that.

T.R. Sullivan has quotes in his game story from Michael Young, saying that the Rangers haven't won anything yet, and they need to take care of business going forward.

Evan Grant writes that yesterday's game opens the door for the Rangers to advance for the first time in team history, if the team can follow up and take advantage.

 Gil Lebreton marvels at the Rangers having a pitcher as dominant as Cliff Lee on their team.

Richard Durrett writes that Cliff Lee did exactly what the Rangers acquired him to do yesterday.

Jean-Jacques Taylor says that yesterday's performance shows the Rangers need to give Cliff Lee a blank check to re-sign him, and be prepared to do 6 years, $120 million.  Personally, I'd be surprised if that's all Lee signs for.

Jeff Caplan writes that the Rangers' mid-season acquisitions came up big in game 1.

Anthony Andro says the Rangers got big production from their #9 hitter yesterday.

Evan Grant offers his report card on the various aspects of the Rangers performance yesterday.

Sullivan has notes from game 1.

Anthony Andro has notes from yesterday, including talking about the Ryan Tucker waiver claim, Josh Hamilton's injury situation, and the explanation from Ron Washington about the final roster decisions.

Sullivan writes about Neftali Feliz's post-season debut yesterday, with Feliz saying that his early issues were caused by mound problems, not nerves.

With C.J. Wilson taking the mound today, Andro writes about Wilson making good on his assurances that he could contribute as a starting pitcher.

ESPN Dallas has a piece on Wilson wanting to be cognizant of keeping down his walks and controlling Tampa's running game.