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Friday a.m. Rangers things

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Nothing like an off-day when you are up 2-0 in a playoff series, with two chances to clinch at home.  It is good to be a Ranger fan right now.

Jeff Wilson's game story leads with the critical play of the game, the two-strike check-swing by Michael Young that was called a non-swing.  Michael Young said after the game he wouldn't have argued if they'd called it a swing, and replays showed that it looked like a swing, but the call gave Young another life, and he came through with a 3 run homer to put away the game and that led to Joe Maddon getting ejected.

T.R. Sullivan's game story observes that a lack of experience and starting on the road have been non-issues for the Rangers through 2 games.

Evan Grant notes that, regardless of the check-swing call, Young still had to come through once given new life, which he did.

Richard Durrett has his post-game thoughts at ESPN Dallas.

Grant has the ALDS Game 2 report card for the Rangers, and it is a report card that would land the Rangers on the honor roll.

Jeff Caplan takes a closer look at C.J. Wilson's dominant performance.

Anthony Andro writes that the stories of the game were C.J. Wilson and Michael Young.

Sullivan has "tidbits" from Game 2.

Lyle Spencer of says the Rangers have been flawless through 2 games of the ALDS.

Gil Lebreton marvels that the Rangers are one game away from the ALCS.

Jean-Jacques Taylor says the Rangers pitchers have dominated the Rays so far.

Sullivan says Josh Hamilton is going to let outfield walls slow him down on the field.

Andro's notes talk about the stellar work by the bullpen in the first two games, and has updates on Josh Hamilton's health and Frank Francisco throwing.

Sullivan has notes on Josh Hamilton playing center instead of left yesterday, David Murphy's progress, Cliff Lee's performance, and the acquisition of Ryan Tucker.

Richard Durrett writes that Ron Washington isn't taking anything for granted right now, as he was on the coaching staff for the 2001 Oakland A's, who won two games in Yankee Stadium in the ALDS then lost their next three.

T.R. Sullivan writes that Derek Holland hopes a strong playoff performance pitching out of the bullpen will help him recover from a disappointing 2010 season, and springboard into a good 2011.