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Monday a.m. Rangers things

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The bad news is, the Rangers are one game away from elimination.

The good news is, the Rangers have Cliff Lee going today.  So you have to feel pretty good about the Rangers' chances of extending this to a Game 6.

Jeff Wilson's game story talks about the Rangers being forced into "win or go home" mode.

Evan Grant writes that the bullpen, which was ridden so hard during the regular season, is limping to the finish line.

Gerry Fraley says Tommy Hunter had problems because he couldn't miss bats.

Kevin Sherrington says you have to feel good about Cliff Lee in Game 5.

Randy Galloway writes that the Rangers need the offense to show up again.

Tim Cowlishaw says that, if the Rangers are going to come back, Josh Hamilton needs to start hitting.

Gil Lebreton talks about the Giants' rotation simply outpitching the Rangers' rotation this series.