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Tonight's game

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This is another one of those occasions where I don't really feel I have anything to say this afternoon.

Yesterday's game was what it was.  The Rangers held San Francisco to 4 runs, which isn't bad, but the offense simply could do nothing with Madison Bumgarner.

I don't feel there's much in the way of analysis I can do for tonight's game, either.  It is Cliff Lee versus Tim Lincecum.  It is going to be what it is going to be.

I will say this...I don't find myself nearly as upset or as bothered by being down 3-1 as a lot of folks are, or even as much as I would have thought I would be.  Part of that, I think, is that with this team, as I've said before, I feel like we're playing with house money.  This team is seeing its championship window just now opening, it is well positioned to compete for several years, and not many folks before the season thought the Rangers would even with the A.L. West.  Just seeing the Rangers in the World Series, something I've been waiting for for almost 40 years, with this team never even getting close, takes a lot of the sting out.

But the other thing about it is that I don't think this series is over.  We have Cliff Lee going tonight.  We have a team that has bounced back time and time again when things have gone badly.  I have confidence that the Rangers will not let San Francisco celebrate a world championship in Arlington.

So...that's where I am.  I'm optimistic about tonight.  I think the Rangers will win this game.  And I think they'll force a Game 6, and hopefully a Game 7.  I think this series goes down to the wire, and I think whichever team wins it is going to have to earn it.

And I can't wait for first pitch tonight.