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A's Acquire David DeJesus

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The Oakland A's have reportedly acquired David DeJesus from the Kansas City Royals for RHP Vin Mazzaro and LHP Justin Marks.

This deal is weird on a couple of different levels.  First, DeJesus is the sort of combo-outfielder that Billy Beane seems to have been collecting since back with he got Terrence Long from the A's.  Good OBP, not much pop, very good defender at a COF spot, stretched defensively in CF.

In fact, sitting here thinking about it, I'm thinking DeJesus has a doppleganger on the Rangers.  Is DeJesus Spanish for "Murphy"? 

Secondly, DeJesus is a free agent after this season, so the A's are moving a couple of young pitchers (albeit low-ceiling young pitchers) for a one-year rental.  DeJesus is under contract for $6 million for 2011, which is reasonable, but still, this is a one-year move.

Third, there seems to be some consternation about this move from Rangers fans, which I really don't get.  DeJesus is a decent player, but his lack of pops means he's not really a big asset in a COF position, and his defense makes him problematic as a regular CF.  The perception of DeJesus seems to be that he's a 20/20 guy you can play in CF, but in reality, he doesn't steal bases any more and has never hit more than 13 homers in a season, with double digits only twice.

This seems like the poor man's version of the Matt Holliday trade.  Give up some assets you can afford to part with for a guy who might help you some in the short run, and who you can flip at the deadline if you aren't in the race.

UPDATE -- Comparing the stats:

David DeJesus:  .289/.360/.427, .342 wOBA (career)

David Murphy:  .282/.342/.460, .349 wOBA (career)