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Austin Jackson, Jason Heyward win SBN Rookie of the Year Awards

The SBN Rookie of the Year balloting has been released, and Austin Jackson won the award in the A.L., with Jason Heyward winning in the N.L.

Jackson only got 11 first place votes, compared to 13 for second place finisher Neftali Feliz, but Jackson had 13 second place votes and two third place votes, compared to eight second place votes for Feliz and four third place votes.  Jackson narrowly edged Feliz, 96-93 -- had one voter who went Jackson-Feliz flipped his vote, Feliz would have won.

Brian Matusz was in third place, narrowingly edging out Danny Valencia, who finished fourth.  Matusz picked up three first place votes, and Valencia registered the final first place vote.

Carlos Santana had 9 points, John Jaso had 3, and Brennan Boesch, Peter Bourjos, and Wade Davis finished tied for 6th, with each of them picking up one third place vote.

I voted Feliz/Jackson/Matusz. 

In the N.L., Heyward and Posey logged all the first place votes, with Heyward picking up 20 and Posey 12.  Posey was listed on every ballot, with 18 second place votes and two third place votes.  Heyward had 11 second place votes, but no third place votes, being left off one ballot altogether.  No word if it was a Pirates blogger who did that...

Jaime Garcia finished third, with one second place vote and 12 third place votes, while Mike Stanton and Starlin Castro tied for fourth.  Fifth place went to Gaby Sanchez, sixth to Ike Davis, and seventh was a tie between Chris Johnson, Jhoulys Chacin, and Daniel Hudson, who each received one third place vote.