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Rangers re-sign Esteban German

Esteban German, who cleared waivers, was outrighted, and opted for free agency a couple of weeks back, is back in the fold, having agreed with the Texas Rangers on a minor league deal for the 2011 season.

Good to have German back...he's viewed as a good teammate and a good clubhouse presence, a guy who is probably slated for Round Rock* for most of 2011, and who provides depth for the Rangers should an infielder end up on the disabled list for a few weeks during the year.

* I typed Oklahoma, then had to go back and erase it and type Round Rock.  I suspect I'll be doing that quite a bit.  I still sometimes find myself typing Tulsa when referred to the Rangers' AA affiliate, or clicking on Clinton while looking for info on the Rangers' low-A players.

And of course, Esteban German is the man who started "the claw" in Texas, therefore ensuring himself a prominent place in Ranger lore.