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Morosi: Joaquin Benoit to the TIgers

Getty Images

Joaquin Benoit

#53 / Pitcher / Tampa Bay Rays





Jul 26, 1977



Jon Paul Morosi says the Tigers have agreed to a 3 year, $16.5 million deal with former Ranger Joaquin Benoit.

Those of us who remember Benoit's time in Texas are probably flabbergasted by this.  Benoit is 33, a guy who was a prospect back when Doug Melvin was the g.m., a guy who had a good arm and showed potential, couldn't hack it as a starter, and then had success as a reliever in 2007 before struggling in 2008 and missing all of 2009 with an arm injury.

Benoit had a great season for the Rays in 2010, posting a 1.34 ERA in over 60 innings, striking out 75 and walking just 11. 

He was a great deal for the Rays last year.

But $5.5 million per year?  For Benoit?  Who will be 36 when this deal expires?

If this and the John Buck deal are any indication, this is a great offseason to be a free agent.