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Wednesday morning Rangers stuff

Much talk today about the MVP vote.

Jeff Wilson has a story about Josh Hamilton winning the AL MVP Award.

T.R. Sullivan does as well, with a lot of quotes from Josh about winning the award.

Richard Durrett also has a story about Hamilton winning the MVP.

Evan Grant says the Rangers should sign Hamilton to a long-term deal, and suggests that 5 years, $75 million with a sixth year team option would make sense for both parties.

Gil Lebreton has a column about Josh Hamilton, his faith, and the decisions the Rangers have to make about his contract status.

The S-T runs down the other Rangers MVPs, and lists Jeff Wilson's MVP ballot.  Like Evan Grant, he had Vladimir Guerrero on his ballot.

In non-Hamilton news, the S-T has notes on the hiring of Thad Bosley and the decisions on offering arbitration.

Sullivan has a story on Bosley's hire.

Barry Shlachter has a story on the bankruptcy proceedings, including Judge Lynn being angry at Chuck Greenberg.