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Monday Morning Rangers Update

Predictably, as we lumber out of what amounts to a four-day holiday weekend, articles regarding player moves by the Rangers are pretty slim at the moment.

The lack of movement should be changing (hopefully!) and soon. With the Winter Meetings set for a week from today's Tom Singer takes a look at the Hot Stove landscape as baseball's calendar prepares to flip to December.

Ken Rosenthal also writes on where all the rumors stand coming out of Thanksgiving weekend. Rosenthal still has the Yankees as the leaders for Cliff Lee and has the Rangers as possibly in on Carl Crawford, Adam Dunn, Adrian Gonzalez, and Zach Greinke depending on what happens with Lee and how the trade market shakes out.

Rosenthal also takes a look at the Rangers bullpen options and includes names such as Rafael Soriano, Bobby Jenks, and Kerry Wood while linking the Rangers to Vladimir Guerrero or Paul Konerko if they decide to spend their money on hitting.

So, basically, pretty much every name and every rumor can practically be linked with the Rangers at the moment, but as far as real news, you might have to wait another week or two.

In the meantime, you can relive the glory days of last season by reading Ricard Durrett's 2010 Top-12 Memorable Moments. (Additionally, Durrett asked some Rangers bloggers for their favorite moments and a certain LSB luminary selected the best #2 of all.)

For the record, my 12 would be:

1. The poetic final out of the ALCS
2. Cliff Lee! (All of them. All of the Cliff Lee moments.)
3. The final out of the AL West Clinching game in Oakland
4. Bengie Molina's Game 4 donger
5. Vlad's double in Game 6
6. Elvis in the playoffs
7. Josh Hamilton's epic game in the comeback of the season against Boston
8. Jim Knox, a skateboarding dog, and one beautiful bail
9. Hearing The Theme to The Natural play as Nelson Cruz rounded the bases after hitting the home run that broke the Yankees in Game 6
10. Colby Lewis' eight inning, Game 6
11. Auction Day/Night
12. That goddamn car on the field in Milwaukee!