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Wednesday morning Rangers things

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No game yesterday.  No game today.  No game for a while.  The fact that the season is over is starting to sink in.

There will be a rally to celebrate the 2010 Rangers team at Parking Lot J at TBIA today beginning at 6 p.m.

T.R. Sullivan says that admission to the rally is free, and that Chuck Greenberg, Nolan Ryan, Jon Daniels, Ron Washington, and some of the players will be there.

And with the season over, we start looking at 2011.  Evan Grant runs down the five key issues the Rangers have to resolve going into next season, with one and two being Cliff Lee and Vladimir Guerrero.

Joey Matches takes a close look at the Vlad situation, and offers his thoughts on what the Rangers should do.

Sullivan looks at the Rangers' offseason needs and free agents, saying that Cliff Lee is the top priority, and that the Rangers payroll should be coming in at around $90 million.

Mike Bauman on says that the Rangers and Lee are a perfect match.

The catching situation is once again in flux, but Jeff Caplan writes that Matt Treanor wants to come back to Texas in 2011.

Richard Durrett says that the Rangers are in position to be very good for several years to come, but need to make some moves to help them continues to stay at this high level.

Gerry Fraley writes that the extra innings logged by the Rangers pitching staff by going so deep into the playoffs will take its toll next season.

Gil Lebreton takes a look at what he describes as a "great run" for the Rangers in 2010, and touches on the decisions they have to make for 2011.

Jean-Jacques Taylor says that, with the Rangers having made it this far, from now on they will be cursed with higher expectations.