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Thursday a.m. Rangers things

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The offseason.

Anthony Andro has a story about yesterday's rally at the Ballpark to celebrate the Rangers terrific 2010 season.

The other big news from yesterday is that the Rangers declined their 2011 option on Vladimir Guerrero, although that apparently was the plan all along -- they agreed that the 2011 mutual option would be declined, and was just a mechanism to allow Guerrero an extra $1 million to be deferred to next year's budget.

Jeff Wilson writes about the Rangers now planning for the 2011 season.

Evan Grant says that the Rangers want Vlad back for 2011.

Jennifer Floyd Engel says that 2011 is "its time" as well.

An extension for Ron Washington is expected to be in place today.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has an interview with Jeff Francoeur, and this should put to rest any idea that he'll be back on a low-dollar contract in a platoon role:

Q. You’ve expressed interest in returning to Texas, but what are the chances you do? (Francoeur is arbitration-eligible and a candidate to be non-tendered.)

A. I don’t know. A lot depends on what they’re going to want to do, where they see Vlad [Guerrero] and DH'ing. They’ll have some decisions to make, but I’m not even worried about that right now. I’m just going to enjoy a month off and then starting Dec. 1, I’ll get with Mac [Brian McCann] and [former Brave Mark] DeRosa. DeRosa and I were talking out there in the World Series; we’re going to start hitting Dec. 1. Probably out at Chipper's [Jones'] place.

Q. A part-time role isn’t what you’re after, is it?

A. No, I want to play every day, and the Rangers know that. That’s why I said they’ll have decisions to make. If not, hopefully I’ll go somewhere else. I definitely want to go back, but that stuff will play itself out in the next couple months.