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Saturday a.m. Rangers stuff

Still feels weird that the offseason is already in full swing.  Usually, by this point on the calendar, we've spent the last month of the season talking about the next season and what needs to be done, and the playoffs sort of recuperating from baseball and gearing up for the offseason.  This year, we've gone from intense baseball stuff throughout October right into the offseason with no transition. 

In any case...catcher is obviously a position of need, and Evan Grant talks about what the Rangers are looking to do at the position.

T.R. Sullivan talks in his notes on the Rangers website about Scott Feldman's knee surgery, and says that the Rangers' 2011 rotation won't include Feldman, although whether that's because he'll be starting the season on the d.l. because of the injury, or because they don't think Feldman can cut it in the rotation, is unclear.

Jeff Wilson says that Brandon McCarthy's time with the Rangers is now over, after he was outrighted and elected free agency.

Jennifer Floyd Engel writes about Ron Washington, cocaine, and his weathering the storm.