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Wednesday a.m. Rangers things

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This morning, we have a very Cliff Lee-heavy collection of links...

T.R. Sullivan has an update on the Cliff Lee situation, with several quotes from Lee's agent, Darek Braunecker, about where things stand.

The New York Post is saying that the Rangers are preparing a five year offer to Cliff Lee, and are working under the belief that the Yankees have offered him five or six years.

An anonymous A.L. executive says there is no way the Rangers go to 6 years, $140 million, which is what Lee is believed to be seeking.

In the meantime, the Rangers have signed Yoshinori Tateyama, a righthanded reliever from Japan, and will have Frank Francisco, who is accepting arbitration, back in the bullpen, giving them some flexibility there.

Jeff Wilson writes that Tateyama isn't guaranteed of a job in the Rangers' bullpen in 2011.

Evan Grant says that the Rangers will look at both Neftali Feliz and Alexi Ogando as potential starters in spring training, but that Ogando is more likely to make the move to the rotation in 2011 than Feliz is.

Sullivan says that Michael Kirkman, Engel Beltre, Cody Eppley, and Jose Felix will be honored at the Rangers' winter banquet.