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Friday morning Rangers things

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We continue to wait on Cliff Lee, although I feel like we'll have a good idea where Lee will end up by this time tomorrow.

In the meantime, we can do nothing but play the waiting game.

Jeff Wilson has a story about the Rangers upping their offer and presenting a collection of options for Lee to choose from.

T.R. Sullivan also writes about Chuck Greenberg, Ray Davis, and Thad Levine traveling to Arkansas to meet with Lee.

Evan Grant says that having Greenberg and Davis meet with the agent, rather than Nolan Ryan and Jon Daniels, is a mistake, and says that is how Tom Hicks ended up making his mistakes.

Gil Lebreton has a column about the Rangers' ongoing pursuit of Lee.

Sullivan calls the Rangers' stint at the Winter Meetings "inconclusive."

Wilson has some notes from the Winter Meetings.

Richard Durrett also has notes from the Winter Meetings, including some news from Nelson Cruz's agents.