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Saturday a.m. Rangers things

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And we continue to wait for Cliff Lee.

The waiting seems to be making some in the D/FW media cranky.

Jennifer Floyd Engel has now decided she doesn't want Cliff Lee back in Texas, and says to Cliff, "Do not let the clubhouse door hit you on the way out."  Lee's crime, in Engel's mind, appears to be that he was offered seven years by the Yankees.

Engel seems to be getting pre-emptively angry at Lee and the Yankees -- she uses the term "A-Fraud" more than once, and her justification for not signing Lee is that 23 is close to 25, and paying Alex Rodriguez $25 million was a mistake.

Whether you want to see the Rangers stay in the bidding at this point or not, though, I don't understand why any Ranger fan would be as hostile to Lee as Engel appears to be.  He was brought in as a hired gun.  He almost single-handedly won the ALDS for the Rangers.  He was a key part of the greatest Ranger season ever.

And if he chooses to go to New York, who is offering him more money than most of us can imagine?  I'm not going to begrudge him that.  And I certainly would hope Rangers fans don't treat him the way they do Rodriguez or Mark Teixeira.

Kevin Sherrington also writes about being leery of the amount of dollars the Rangers are considering paying Lee.

Richard Durrett wonders if the difference in taxes between Texas and New York really matters.

George King says in the New York Post that the Yankees are sweating a little on this deal.

Meanwhile, in non-Cliff Lee news, T.R. Sullivan has some notes on the Rangers' website.