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Wednesday Morning Rangers Update

Cliff Lee isn't a Ranger. He's a Phillie. The people that cover the Rangers for their media establishments apparently have to write about this. I don't know why, either.

The good news is, instead of rehashing the gruesome details of the Rangers losing out to those Cheez Whiz swilling, Santa pelting, mopes from up north, the tone of most of the news out there is about what the Rangers should do next. The bad news is, like before Cliff Lee left us at the altar, there's nothing but a lot of speculation and contradicting rumors.

Jeff Wilson looks at how the Cliff Lee deal with Philadelphia went down and what the Rangers will try to do to improve the team during the rest of the off season. His sidebar shows the Rangers rotation as of today. Hint: Gross.

Evan Grant writes today about how he thinks the Rangers could go about replacing Cliff Lee now. His suggestion? Don't try to replace Cliff Lee.

Supplementary to that, Grant also provides us with a list of 12 names the Rangers could use as Cliff Lee alternatives. One of them is Matt Harrison.

Anthony Andro writes that the Rangers are ready to move on. He includes quotes from Ron Washington and some Rangers players about their thoughts on Cliff Lee moving on.

On the national level, Ken Rosenthal has an article out with some rumors about what the Rangers are looking at now. Most of which signify that the only thing the Rangers have cooking right now is trying to bring back Vladimir Guerrero.

Andro also talked to Ron Washington about moving either Neftali Feliz or Alexi Ogando to the rotation to fill the void left by Cliff Lee with Washington hoping that they would only be moved as a "last resort."

Finally, if you want to read the local paper's opinion pieces from long time sports columnists about Cliff Lee's decision, you can find Tim Cowlishaw's here (he thinks the Rangers pitching will still be fine), Gil Lebreton's here (he thinks the Rangers might be lagging behind some A.L. contenders now), and Randy Galloway's here. Or you could also not read Galloway. Just saying.