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Thursday a.m. Rangers stuff

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The Cliff Lee wooing continues, although it seems like things are reaching a crescendo, and I'd wager that we'll have a resolution to this in the next week or so...

Jeff Wilson writes about Jon Daniels and Nolan Ryan heading out to Little Rock to have a sit-down with Lee.

Randy Galloway has a column about the Lee situation, and it seems like Galloway and I had the sa\me reaction to the report yesterday about what the Rangers are willing to do financially:

But the Rangers have definitely got the attention of the New York media. There was a breathless report Wednesday that the Rangers have now decided to "up the ante" and "sources say" will offer five years at $23 mil a year.


If the Rangers hadn't always been willing to go $115 million for five years, or close to it, they would have said good-bye to Lee after Game 5 of the World Series.

That was sort of my reaction, as well...

Ken Rosenthal has a lengthy story saying the Rangers would be better off not money-whipping Lee, and continuing to do things the way they have up to this point...building from within, and "making sound baseball decisions."

T.R. Sullivan says that the Rangers shouldn't have much drama at today's non-tender deadline, as Dustin Nippert is the only arb-eligible player who could be non-tendered.