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Adam Dunn to the White Sox

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Per multiple sources, Adam Dunn has agreed to a four year deal with the Chicago White Sox, worth $56 million.

Dunn as free agent was one of the more interesting storylines of the offseason...the FanGraphs crowdsourcing project had the median projected contract for Dunn coming in at 3 years, $36 million

I thought that was low...reading the stories out there in August and September, as it became clear Dunn would hit the open market, it seemed like there were about 20 teams that saw Dunn as a potential target, and given the number of teams involved, it appeared inevitable that Dunn was going to get a surprisingly large contract, particularly in light of his last deal with the Washington Nationals.

I think I had said that he would get 4 years, $50-52 million, but the ChiSox trumped even that.  The Rangers were a team that I think had interest in Dunn as a potential DH alternative, but at those numbers, I think they were wise to pass.