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Sullivan: Brandon Webb deal "could be close"

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T.R. Sullivan has a blog post up with an update on the Brandon Webb situation...

Per Sullivan, Webb is in town and could be close to signing a deal with the Texas Rangers.  He apparently has met with Ron Washington and Mike Maddux, and his agent is hopeful that a deal will be worked out today.

Webb, of course, was great for a number of years with the Diamondbacks, and then missed virtually all of the past two years (he pitched one inning in 2009) because of rotator cuff problems. 

When Webb was healthy, he was a groundball machine, a guy who kept the ball in the park and kept the infielders busy.  He was the type of pitcher who is a perfect fit for the Rangers, given their home park and solid up-the-middle defense.  The question, of course, is whether he's healthy and close to his old self.

If the Rangers add Webb, I wouldn't pencil him in the rotation just yet.  He's a project, a guy they'd be taking a flyer on in the hopes he can give the Rangers innings in the starting rotation, not a guy they'd be expecting to replicate his stellar mid-aughts numbers.

Still, he's worth taking a look at, particularly given the issues the Rangers have at the back of their rotation right now.

UPDATE -- T.R. Sullivan says disregard that information.  The Rangers haven't met with Webb after all.