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Price: Rangers, Brandon Webb reach agreement

Ed Price of AOL Fanhouse says that the Rangers and Brandon Webb have reached an agreement on a contract, pending a physical.

In a situation like this, the physical isn't just a formality...recall that the Rangers had an agreement with Ben Sheets on a 2 year, $18 million deal prior to the 2009 season that ended up not happening because Sheets failed his physical.

Webb, coming off of two lost years because of shoulder problems, is someone with a greater than average likelihood of not passing.  Still, it seems like he's going to be a Ranger.

My guess is that it is a major league deal, one year, low base, lots of performance incentives, and that Webb will start the season in the rotation unless he simply has nothing this spring.

More info on terms as they become available...

UPDATE --Ken Rosenthal says no problems are expected on the Webb physical.