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Crasnick, Olney: Webb deal is for $3 million guaranteed

Jerry Crasnick and Buster Olney are both separately saying on Twitter that they are hearing that the Brandon Webb contract with the Rangers is for $3 million guaranteed, with Crasnick saying that incentive could bump it up to $8-10 million.

$3 million is on the upper end of what I would have liked to see the Rangers spend on Webb, in terms of guaranteed money, given that there seems to be a decent chance that he'll do nothing in 2011.  I'd be more concerned about this if these were the Tom Hicks Rangers.  But given that the Rangers had apparently budgeted payroll for 2011 in excess of what they are looking like they'll end up spending, and given that the Webb addition isn't likely to keep the Rangers from doing something else, this deal seems not unreasonable.