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Friday morning Rangers things

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Yesterday was the non-tender deadline for arbitration-eligible players, and the Rangers non-tendered righty reliever Dustin Nippert, meaning that he is now a free agent.

Believe it or not, Nippert is just a few days shy of having four full years of service time.  My guess is that the Rangers will be interested in bringing him back, but for less than the $1.5-2 million that he was looking at getting in arbitration.

Joey Matches offers his thoughts on the Adam Dunn contract, and on the way DHs and players whose value is wrapped up mostly in their offense are valued in general.

T.R. Sullivan has a piece on the Rangers' needs this offseason, noting that pretty much every big move is on hold until the Cliff Lee situation is resolved, and setting forth the players he thinks could be dealt this offseason -- Chris Davis, Julio Borbon, Derek Holland, and Tommy Hunter.