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Saturday a.m. Rangers things

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Jeff Wilson has the details on yesterday's announcement of a new video and audio system for TBIA in his story this morning at the S-T.

T.R. Sullivan has a story on the Rangers acquisition options, saying that Vladimir Guerrero is asking for a three year deal, but for the Rangers is willing to take just two years.  I wouldn't go more than one year for Guerrero, and I'm not convinced the Rangers wouldn't be better off going in a different direction from Guerrero altogether.

Boston and San Diego have reportedly agreed on a deal that will send Adrian Gonzalez to the Red Sox, and the Red Sox have received permission to talk to Gonzalez about a contract extension.  No word on who the Red Sox are giving up.

Baseball America has named Jon Daniels their 2010 Executive of the Year.

Daniels says there's a "pretty good chance" Matt Treanor will return to Texas in 2011, where he'd compete with Taylor Teagarden for the backup catcher job.

Evan Grant runs down some players who were non-tendered on Thursday, and who the Rangers might have some interest in.