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Sunday morning Rangers things

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And we continue to wait for Cliff Lee...

Evan Grant lays out the details of a contract offer he thinks makes sense for the Rangers -- 5 years, $110.5 million, with a vesting option for a sixth year, performance bonuses and no no-trade clause.

My gut feeling is that, if that's all the Rangers are willing to offer, Lee will be pitching for the Yankees next year.  I think New York will give Lee $23 million per year, may guarantee the sixth year, and will give him the no trade clause.  That last item is a big deal, I believe, given how Lee has been moved around so much the last couple of years, and given how he's been vocal about wanting to have some say in where he goes. 

I think if Texas wants to sign Lee, they have to give him a no-trade clause.

Grant also looks at the backup plans if the Rangers can't sign Lee -- dealing for Zack Greinke, or moving one of their relievers to the rotation.

Richard Durrett looks at guys on the Rangers radar heading into the winter meetings.

T.R. Sullivan runs down the Rangers minor league coaching staffs, and the changes from 2010.

Barry Shlachter writes about the fees being sought by the law firms involved in the Rangers bankruptcy case.