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Thursday morning Rangers stuff

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Okay, let's start out with the Ranger acquisition we know about for sure...

Texas has acquired Mason Tobin, who was picked by the Chicago Cubs in the Rule 5 draft from Anaheim, in exchange for cash.  Tobin was a 2007 draft pick who threw less than 40 innings in 2008, threw 2 2/3 innings in 2009, and didn't pitch last year.  He's righthanded and 23.  My assumption is that he'll get a look in spring training, start the season on the d.l., then the Rangers will try to run him through waivers and see if they can work out a deal with the Angels to keep him.

Moving on to stuff we don't know for sure about...

The Yankees have reportedly offered Cliff Lee a seventh year on their deal.  No one knows the details on the offer, and it can work a number of ways.  For example, Kevin Millwood's contract was announced as a five year deal when he signed with the Rangers, but it was really a four year deal with a vesting option -- they just structured it as a voidable fifth year rather than a vesting option so that Millwood could claim he got five years.  New York could have simply added a seventh year at the same annual salary the rest of the deal is at, or they could be doing something else. 

Regardless, we've known all along the Yankees would offer more money for Lee than the Rangers.  And if Lee is just looking for the biggest possible contract, he won't be signing with Texas...he'll sign with the Yanks.

Jeff Wilson writes that the Rangers are waiting to hear from Cliff Lee, and want Lee to tell them in their next conversation what it will take for him to sign with Texas.

T.R. Sullivan has quotes from Nolan Ryan about the situation.

Evan Grant says the Rangers have a plan with Lee.

Grant also has a blog post up in which he says that, if Lee wants seven years, the Rangers have to pass, and suggests that the Rangers make a deal with Tampa for Matt Garza, offering Tampa their choice of:

1)  Martin Perez or Tanner Scheppers

2)  Jurickson Profar or Luis Sardinas

3)  Chris Davis, Julio Borbon, Derek Holland, or Alexi Ogando

Personally, I think that is way overpaying for Garza...I don't think he's worth Perez, Profar and Holland.

Richard Durrett has notes from the end of Day 3 at the Winter Meetings.

Jon Daniels says that Michael Young is unlikely to be traded, and the rumors surrounding him are the result of teams asking about him.

Gil Lebreton says that, while the focus is on Cliff Lee, the Rangers also need to deal with their DH situation.