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A's trade for Willy Taveras, DFA Willy Taveras (and Dana Eveland)

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The A's traded for Willy Taveras today, and then promptly DFA'd him, along with LHP Dana Eveland.

Taveras was acquired as part of a deal that sent Aaron Miles to Cincinnati for salary purposes, along with Adam Rosales, who is apparently going to be the new Jamey Carroll for Oakland.

Taveras was a salary dump by Cincy, so he's been cut loose.

But of more interest to me is that Eveland has also been designated for assignment.  Eveland had some decent surface numbers in 2008 that had some folks thinking he could be a quality starter, but he Billy Beane wasn't able to move him while he had value, and he cratered in 2009.

Interestingly, Eveland was part of the Dan Haren deal...and man, the A's got a lot for Haren.  Even with Eveland gone, the A's got Aaron Cunningham, Greg Smith and Carlos Gonzalez (all since traded in bigger deals), first base prospect Chris Carter, and Brett Anderson.

Not bad.