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Wednesday a.m. Rangers stuff

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Richard Durrett continues his look at the Rangers' positional situation with a piece on third base today.  Michael Young is, of course, pretty well set there, and Durrett responds to those who question Young's defense by saying that, although his UZR and stats may not be that good, he only made 9 errors last year.

Ken Rosenthal says the ownership situation in Texas may be keeping the Rangers from bringing Rod Barajas back.  Barajas also supposedly wants a two year deal, which the Rangers have been adamant about not wanting to do, and the Rangers seems pretty committed to going with Jarrod Saltamacchia as their starter if he is healthy. 

Evan Grant talks about why the Rangers are looking at C.J. Wilson as a starter in spring training, and doesn't seem to think that moving Wilson to the rotation is any better of an idea than I do.