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Tuesday a.m. Rangers stuff

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So, we have the big Endy Chavez signing this morning.  T.R. Sullivan says that Chavez is ahead of schedule on rehabbing his knee, but isn't expected to be ready to start the season.  Sullivan also mentions that Craig Gentry and Brandon Boggs are expected to start the season in AAA, which is noteworthy primarily because there had been some thought that Gentry would start the season as the Rangers' 25th man.

Jeff Wilson says that there are six players fighting for the last bench spot, although he doesn't mention who they are.  I'm guessing, right now, it is Matt Brown, Joaquin Arias, Esteban German, Brandon Boggs, Craig Gentry, and Chavez.  I'm starting to think that, if I had to pick someone now, I'd say Brown will be the guy, because of his history of hitting lefties well.

Wilson also has a story about Josh Hamilton, saying that Hamilton's 2009 season starting going awry when, after the 2008 season, he chose baseball over "faith and family" by choosing to work out in Arizona for a month.  It isn't often you see a story criticizing a player for choosing to spend more time in the offseason working on his baseball activities.

Richard Durrett takes a look at the right field situation today at the ESPN Dallas Rangers blog, and in particular, Nelson Cruz.  He gets bonus points for a UZR reference in talking about Cruz's defense.

Evan Grant is doing his top 25 Rangers prospects at the DMN Rangers blog, with 21-25 going up here, and 16-20 here.  Leury Garcia jumps out at me, ranked 21st, ahead of Wilfredo Boscan and Neil Ramirez.  Garcia has gotten good marks with some folks, but he's tiny and doesn't look like he's likely to ever hit -- even Grant compares him to former Ranger prospect Hanley Frias -- which makes me wonder why he'd be slotted so high.