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Thursday a.m. Rangers things

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I'm chomping at the bit for spring training to start.  And in three weeks, I'll be bored to death with spring training and impatient for the season to start...

Richard Durrett's positional review takes a look at the DH spot today, which is going to be held down by Vlad Guerrero. 

Durrett also ran into former Ranger prospect Thomas Diamond at the Phoenix airport, and has some comments from Diamond on his situation with the Chicago Cubs.

Evan Grant runs through his Ranger prospects number 6 through 10, and #10 is something of a surprise...

T.R. Sullivan has an update on the sales process with the Rangers, saying that it is still on schedule.  He also says the issue about the Rangers being in default on the $39.95 million in deferred compensation is something that the Greenberg group factored in when making its bid, and the new ownership will set funds aside to cover that when they take over.

Randy Galloway has a column up, which is basically a Q&A with Nolan Ryan on various things Ranger.  The two things that jump out at me...the C.J. Wilson as a starter thing may be getting driven by Ryan, who sounds very bullish about Wilson in that role, and there appear to still be some concerns about Julio Borbon's defense in centerfield.  But Ryan offers his thoughts on every position, as well, and it is worth reading.