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Friday a.m. Rangers things

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Pitchers and catchers have all reported, and spring training is underway...

Matt Harrison is at 235 pounds this spring, 30 pounds lighter than he was last spring.  I thought Harrison looked...well, not really cut last year, but I didn't think he was weighing in at 265. 

Richard Durrett takes a look at the catchers for the Rangers in 2010 in his spring positional roundup.

"Wire Reports" offers the five biggest questions for the Rangers this spring, with #1 being, who fills out the rotation?  If everyone is healthy, that isn't a "big" question to me, just because I think whoever ends up making the rotation, the Rangers will be fine.  You know who the top three is, Tommy Hunter is almost definitely #4, and the candidates for the fifth spot are guys who you feel like should be able to hold their own in the majors.  There's a question about who will be the #5 starter, but it isn't a "big" question the way Josh Hamilton, Chris Davis, the catchers, or Vlad Guerrero are.

Evan Grant finishes up his Rangers top 25 prospect countdown with the top 5 today...