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Monday morning Rangers stuff

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Well, it looks like the utility infielder situation may be muddled again...

T.R. Sullivan reports that Khalil Greene is not expected to report on time for spring training, as he is continuing to deal with the anxiety issues that have plagued him of late.  This is obviously a fluid situation, but given that Greene is the only backup shortstop the Rangers have, it suggests that the team may need to start looking around for fallback options.

Anthony Andro has some notes from yesterday, including injury updates on Derek Holland (who is having an MRI on his knee today but who is feeling much better) and Endy Chavez (who hopes to be ready to go in May).

With Kevin Millwood gone, T.R. Sullivan says that Scott Feldman is the team's #1 starter, and is embracing the role of leader for the young pitchers that Millwood had filled.

Rich Harden has re-worked his exercise regime in a way that he thinks has provided the right balance to keep him fit and healthy for the coming year.

Jennifer Floyd Engel says that there are a lot of "ifs" about this Ranger team, with one of the main ones being whether Jarrod Saltalamacchia can be healthy and productive.