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Ryan Franklin is angry he can't pack heat in the locker room

So, yeah, last week, there was an announcement by MLB that league policy was being updated to reflect that guns would not be allowed in locker rooms.

Which I found amusing, because one would think that there wouldn't need to be a policy about that.  I mean, who brings guns into the locker room?

But as it turns out, not only does there apparently need to be a policy, some players are mad about it.  Ryan Franklin, for example:

Closer Ryan Franklin is among the large number of avid outdoorsmen on the Cardinals roster and on Saturday expressed disappointment in Major League Baseball's recent directive prohibiting certain weapons, including all firearms, from the clubhouse.

* * *

"There are a few guys that screwed it up for everybody," Franklin said. "If it wasn't for the NFL guy a couple years ago bringing a weapon into a nightclub ... you've just got to be smart."

Damn you, Plaxico Burress and Gilbert Arenas, for ruining it for guys like Ryan Franklin who can't bring their guns into the clubhouse anymore!!!

(Shakes fist)