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Where Do Major Leaguers Come From (College Edition)?

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Beyond the Box Score has an interesting post that examines what colleges have produced the most major leaguers (beginning with those players born in 1965 or later).

I was surprised to see Stanford University as the runaway leader, with 37 -- UCLA was a very distant second, with 23 major leaguers.

Among Big 12 schools, Texas was tied for 7th, at 19, OSU was 10th, with 18, and Oklahoma was tied for 11th with 17.

Probably the most surprising result, to me, was Rice University tied with a bunch of other schools at #18 on the list, with 14 major leaguers.  Given its reputation as a top flight baseball school, you would figure they'd have more guys.

On the other hand, when you take a closer look, it seems like there might not be another school with a worse bust rate than Rice among its players.  Lance Berkman is great, but Jose Cruz, Jr., is probably the second best position player they've produced, and he was considered a disappointment.  After those two, the next best position player is probably either Mark Quinn or the immortal Bubba Crosby.

Similarly, on the pitching side, the Owls had the highly touted trio of Wade Townsend, Philip Humber, and Jeff Niemann a few years ago, but they've been massive disappointments, with only Niemann looking like he may have even a decent career.

Clearly, Vince Sinisi never had a chance...not only was he a highly-touted Rice prospect, but he was also a second-round pick of the Rangers, something that carries a curse of its own.