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Tuesday a.m. Rangers things

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Jeff Wilson writes that the Rangers are moving forward as if Khalil Greene won't be with the club this year, and are expected to make a decision on whether to void his contract, put him on the restricted list, or do something else this week.

Wilson also reports that Joaquin Arias says his shoulder is back to 100%, which, if true, would greatly enhance his chances of sticking in a utility role.

Evan Grant says that a team with a farm system as strong as the Rangers' should be able to provide an internal candidate for the utility infielder job, and Arias would appear to be the guy.

Richard Durrett's positonal review looks at #2 starter Scott Feldman today.

Elvis Andrus says he's looking forward to working with new hitting coach Clint Hurdle.

Jennifer Floyd Engel writes about Ian Kinsler, who says he's tired of hearing about his potential and says his goal this year is to reach his potential.  Both Engel and Ron Washington acknowledge that Kinsler had a good season in 2009, but both think he can be better.

The Houston Chronicle has a story up about the potential AAA affiliate shuffle this offseason, with Round Rock seen as likely to switch to the Rangers, which would likely mean the Astros taking over the Oklahoma franchise.