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Wednesday a.m. Rangers things

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Evan Grant reviews how Brandon McCarthy and the Rangers have altered his pitching style for 2010. McCarthy will apparently look to add movement to his pitches and move to the sinker/cutter mold.

Richard Durrett takes a look at the number three starter position and Colby LewisDurrett also has a Q&A with Chris Davis. Davis primarily discusses the changes he's made at the plate.

Durrett also spoke with Michael Young (video) about his game and how the Rangers look to improve their offense this season. He also has some quotes from other key folks on the lineup.

JFE talks about Vlad Guerrero's entrance to camp and how happy the Rangers are to have him. She includes what seems like an oddly placed "Moneyball types" comment.

Jeff Wilson writes the annual 'at least the Rangers can depend on MIchael Young' piece with several quotes from Ron Washington.

And T.R. Sullivan looks more closely at Ron Washington's place as Rangers manager, where he stands historically and the outlook for him moving forward. Washington will trail only Bobby Valentine and Johnny Oates in games managed if he completes this season. Out of the twelve to manage at least 200 games, he is currently fourth in winning percentage (.496).