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Thursday a.m. Rangers things

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Ahhhh!!!  Josh Hamilton is hurt!!!!  Panic in the streets!!!

Well, not really...but he did ding his shoulder yesterday.  It is minor, he should be fine today or tomorrow, but it is a reminder of the inherent fragility of Hamilton, and that he's probably on the J.D. Drew plan in terms of expected games play.

Ron Washington says that he's planning on playing Vladimir Guerrero some in right field, because "We want to keep him happy."  I'm starting to think that there are times when Ron Washington just says stuff, and you shouldn't really pay attention to it.  I'm thinking this is one of those times.

Jeff Wilson talks about Vlad's presence in the Ranger camp, saying that he's a notable presence.

Evan Grant has some video of Omar Beltre, Tanner Scheppers and Kasey Kiker.

Richard Durrett takes a look at the Rangers' expected #4 starter, Tommy Hunter.