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Saturday morning Rangers things

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The S-T has some notes up from camp, including the news that Jarrod Saltalamacchia hasn't had any problems thusfar, and is planning on working on throwing to second base next week. 

There's also mention of forearm tightness with Warner Madrigal...that's a red flag, since that's often one of the symptoms of ligament damage that can necessitate Tommy John surgery, although Evan Grant says the Rangers think the problem with Madrigal is muscular rather than structural.

Jeff Wilson talks about last season's tendency among the hitters to press too much and try to do to much with their at bats, rather than trust their teammates, and how that has to change in 2010 if the Ranger offense is going to improve.

Dustin Nippert would like to have a hunting show after his playing days are over.

Anthony Andro says that Derek Holland is supposed to throw his first bullpen session today.

Rich Harden loves hockey.