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Saturday afternoon Rangers trivia

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Slow day, not much to talk about, so I decided to throw a particularly difficult trivia question out there...

Since the Senators moved to Texas and became the Rangers, there have been three rounds of expansion in MLB, with each round adding two teams.

As a result, there have been three expansion drafts -- one in 1976, one in 1992, and one in 1997.

The Rangers lost a total of 9 players in the expansion draft -- 5 in 1976, 2 in 1992, and 2 in 1997.

Name those 9 players.

As always, no Googling, no Wikipediaing, no Baseball Referencing...just brain power.

Answers later tonight


1976 draft -- Jim Clancy, Doug Ault, Steve Hargan, Jeff Byrd, Steve Barr

1992 draft -- Kevin Reimer, Scott Chiamparino

1997 draft -- Edwin Diaz, Hanley Frias