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Monday a.m. Rangers things

I didn't watch it, but apparently, based on the reactions around the interwebs, "The Marriage Ref" was even worse than it looked in the promos.

There will be an intrasquad game today, with the expected Opening Day lineup facing off against the backups.  It is supposed to go eight innings, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia is going to catch for the "A team," which is noteworthy primarily because catcher is the one job in the everyday lineup that is supposedly up for grabs.

Jeff Wilson has a story about Julio Borbon, and his transition to being the Rangers' starting centerfielder and leadoff hitter this season.

Richard Durrett takes a look at the Rangers' long and middle relief situation, with a gaggle of pitchers available for just a couple of roles.

Evan Grant has a new version of his projected Opening Day roster, with two changes from the last one.  One, the boring one, is Khalil Greene out and Joaquin Arias in.  That's to be expected.  The other one is Max Ramirez as the 25th man, replacing Mike Lowell, the guy Max was going to be traded for.

Grant writes that Max made a good impression at first base this past weekend, and the Rangers like the idea of having a third guy who can catch, to give them more tactical flexibility. 

I go back and forth on Max as the 25th man...the fact that he hasn't hit above AA, and had a lost year in 2009, makes me think he'd be best off going back to AAA, at least for a month or two, to get regular ABs. 

But what the team really needs from its last guy off the bench is someone who can hit lefties and either play first base or centerfield, and while Max isn't going to be patrolling center, he should at least be serviceable at first.  If he's recovered from his wrist injury and the team thinks he can hit lefties well enough to contribute that way, then he may be the best fit in that role