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Wednesday a.m. Rangers stuff

Rich Harden had a rough outing yesterday, getting yanked in the third inning after he reached his pitch limit, but he says he was good the first two innings, and just had problems with his mechanics in the third.

Evan Grant has a game summary from yesterday's game up at the DMN blog, and Anthony Andro has one up at the S-T site.

Jesse Sanchez has a story about Nelson Cruz, who feels he can focus on just preparing for the season to come this spring, rather than worrying about whether or not he has a job.

Grant says that the fact that Vladimir Guerrero is running well is a good sign, since it indicates he's healthier than he was last year, and is more likely to perform like he did before 2009.

Andro has a chart up with updates on all the Rangers' injured players.

Jeff Wilson writes about Tanner Scheppers, and includes a quote from Jarrod Saltalamacchia, who compares Scheppers to where Neftali Feliz was last spring, and says that Scheppers can contribute this year.

Joey Matches wonders if we weren't all drinking the Kool Aid on Chris Davis after the 2008 season.

Evan Grant thinks the Edwar Ramirez acquisition could lead to a deal with the Minnesota Twins for a utility infielder or a catcher.

Randy Galloway has a column up about Nolan Ryan as owner, and comparing Ryan to Jerry Jones.