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Maury Brown: Negotiations Between Greenberg/Ryan and HSG Creditors at an "Impasse"

Maury Brown has a story up, reporting that as of right now, the negotiations between the Hicks Sports Group creditors, who have to sign off on the sale of the Rangers, and the Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan led group buying the club are at an "impasse."

The holdup appears to be that the creditors want $300 million from the sale, and as currently structured, they are only getting $230 million.

I would encourage anyone interested in this deal to read the article.  And I would also suggest that everyone involved in this -- including Bud Selig and MLB -- wants to get this deal done, so while there may be some saber-rattling, I don't expect this to go completely off the rails to the point where a deal doesn't get done.