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Saturday a.m. Rangers things

Another positive game for the Rangers yesterday,as they won 6-2 against the Padres, with solid outings from Matt Harrison and Tommy Hunter, and good offensive days from Julio Borbon and Chris Davis.

Richard Durrett talks to Davis about his hot start to the spring. 

T.R. Sullivan writes that the catching situation remains up in the air, with the possibility existing that neither Jarrod Saltalamacchia nor Taylor Teagarden will end up winning the starting catchers job, and instead could simply split time.

Anthony Andro has a story about David Murphy, and Murphy being accepting of his role as fourth outfielder this season, even though Andro says Murphy could be a starter for many teams.

The S-T has some notes about, among other things, Edwar Ramirez making his debut and Derek Holland starting Sunday.

Durrett has some notes on a variety of Ranger players, including Harrison, Mitch Moreland, and Julio Borbon.

Tim Cowlishaw has a column up discussing the Rangers pitching situation, and saying that the Rangers have a lot of options for a lot of open spots.  I think he overstates how much jobs are really up for grabs, though...he says Scott Feldman and Rich Harden are the only pitchers who are guaranteed spots in the rotation, and says that it is a "surprise" that Colby Lewis is such a "strong contender."  I think it is a given that Lewis is in the rotation, and probably Tommy Hunter, as well.